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Metal Effects Barcelona Case Set (iPhone 4/4S)

Product Description

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The look of metal. Without all that metallic aftertaste.

Finished with a jewelry electroplating process, this Metal Effects Outer Shell shines like the sun. A silvery-blue, um, shining sun. Awesomely protective but without all the negatives of metal– no heaviness, scratchiness, or heat retention like metal. This 3-piece case set allows you to pair a Gunmetal or Navy Uniform Inner Wrap with the Metal Effects Barcelona Outer Shell to match your look du jour. Until now, you had to choose between impact resistance and stunning good looks. Don't let 'em keep you down, sister–this solution finally gives you both. 
Plus, you can even mix it up–the Inner Wraps and Outer Shells are interchangeable with all of the Tech Candy Case Sets. Tired of Navy Uniform? We can't imagine that, but if it does somehow happen one day, grab a Black Night Inner Wrap and dress it up for an evening out on the town.
Case feeling grimy? Simply wash both case pieces with suds and H2O, leaving you looking aptly accessorized to walk the runway, should you so choose.
Included in each Case Set:
2 Inner Wraps: Fine Cashmere Silicone
  • The most durable, food-grade silicone
  • Unbelievably silky, sexy soft-touch finish
  • Grippy, not slippy! Exclusive edge grips make slippage a thing of the past
  • Two über hip colors included: Navy Uniform (Pantone 539: a very nice dark navy blue) and Gunmetal (Pantone 549: medium blue slate-y color, just slightly metallic, but still very matte in finish). Please note that color on computer monitors varies greatly from screen to screen. There is no way we can ensure accuracy of what you are seeing on monitors in any given location. I mean, we're good, but we're not that good.
1 Outer Shell: Electroplated Polycarbonate
  • Durable, protective and smooth
  • Polished finish slides easily into pocket or purse
  • One Barcelona Outer Shell in Gunmetal finish included
Bonus: Coordinate your iPhone to this case by downloading the matching screen patterns with our free Tech Candy app!