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Stop Sign Red Inner Wrap (iPhone 5/5S)

Product Description



for iPhone 5/5S
This red is sure to turn heads.

So, you're already rocking your Tech Candy Case Set for iPhone 5. The Cairo the Athens, the Amsterdam, the Cadet. Or perhaps the Metal Effects Effervescent or Metal Effects Blooming. You have your Inner Wraps in cool colors. You have Outer Shells in hip patterns. But always striving to be the individual, you want more. You want Christmas red, Razorback red, Valentine red. Lovely.  
Far be it from us to deny you the simple pleasure of extreme customization. That's why we're offering this single red (the color is Stop Sign, to be exact) Inner Wrap for the iPhone 5. It works with any iPhone 5 Tech Candy Case Set you have or are purchasing. Pair it with any of our Outer Shells, and you have a look that's decidedly all your own. It's not meant to be used alone—it goes with one of our Outer Shells. One of our Outer Shells that you've already bought in one of our many Case Sets. Did we mention it goes with an outer shell? We can't stop you if you decide to use it in isolation, although we're afraid it will be oh-so-lonely.
We aren't offering single Inner Wraps in many colors. Just a few, just for a limited time. If you don't see 'em here, don't ask, we don't have 'em. Even if you email like twenty times and beg. You know who you are.
Included with this purchase:
1 Inner Wrap: Fine Cashmere Silicone
  • The most durable, food-grade silicone
  • Unbelievably silky, sexy soft-touch finish
  • Grippy, not slippy! Exclusive edge grips make slippage a thing of the past
  • One über hip color included: Stop Sign (Pantone 1797: bright red). Please note that color on computer monitors varies greatly from screen to screen. There is no way we can ensure accuracy of what you are seeing on monitors in any given location. I mean, we're good, but we're not that good.