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Venice Case Set (iPhone 4/4S)

Product Description



Oh, that Tech Candy is dolce!
This case will make your iPhone speak with a sexy Italian accent. Ok, not exactly... but this 3-piece Case Set does allow you to pair a Lavender or Peony Inner Wrap (colors inspired by New York fashion week) with the Venice Outer Shell to keep your iPhone looking as magnifico as you feel owning it. Until now, you had to choose between case strength and awesome-ness. But not with Tech Candy. We protect well, and we look simply... well-- bella-- while we're at it. Even better, there is absolutely no paint to fade, scratch or rub off. Seen those cases where the finish disappears faster than mama's homemade meatballs? They're all over the place- believe us, we've tried just about all of them. Our case also provides clear access to all ports, buttons and functions. 
So here, you've got two totally different and cool looks, for the same price as other cases requiring you to commit to one, UNfun style. But it gets better still. Grab another Case Set—say, the seriously fashionable and best-selling Bordeaux Case Set—and create a second awesome look with a Papaya or Platinum Inner Wrap.
You can even wash both case pieces with suds and H2O. Preferably not while riding in a gondola, however.
Included in each Case Set:
2 Inner Wraps: Fine Cashmere Silicone
  • The most durable, food-grade silicone
  • Unbelievably sexy finish- feels great!
  • Grippy, not slippy! Exclusive edge grips make slippage a thing of the past
  • Two ridiculously gor-gee-oh-soh colors included: Lavender (Pantone 7451: airy, light purple-blue) and Peony (Pantone 196: the lightest, most feminine pink) Please note that color on computer monitors varies greatly from screen to screen. There is no way we can ensure accuracy of what you are seeing on monitors in any given location. I mean, we're good, but we're not that good.
1 Outer Shell: Space-Age Polycarbonate
  • Durable, protective and smooth
  • Polished finish slides easily into pocket, backpack or purse
  • One Venice Outer Shell included
Bonus: Coordinate your iPhone to this case by downloading the matching screen patterns with our free Tech Candy app!