Stand and Deliver holding an iPhone 11
Stand and Deliver holding an iPhone XR
Stand and Deliver product in two colors
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Stand and Deliver in two colors
Stand and Deliver Expanding Phone Tripod in Light Gray
Stand and Deliver holding an iPhone 11
Stand and Deliver holding an iPhone 11 with packaging


Stand & Deliver Expanding Phone Tripod : Dusty Pink

Go ahead, stand me up.
  • Sturdy, dependable tripod for use with all phones, even hefty, oversized iPhones. Heavy-duty grip holds your phone in place, in both portrait & landscape orientations.
  • Non-slip feet stay put on your table or desk surface.
  • Extends to a height of 9", perfect for Zoom meetings & hands-free calls.
  • Smooth pivot adjustment allows you to score & maintain the best viewing angle.
  • Compact & lightweight to tote in your bag, ready for on-the-go movie marathons. Collapses down to a small tube less than 7” long.
  • Tripod legs can be left closed, allowing for monopod, selfie stick use.
  • Materials: Nylon + Fiber + Aluminum Alloy. 
  • How to use:

    1. Grasp and pull opposite ends of the tripod away from each other to reveal the black post inside. The further you pull, the higher the tripod will stand.
    2. Rotate phone clamp 90 degrees (the part with the Tech Candy starburst logo on it)
    3. Lift and expand left phone clamp side out from phone clamp. Repeat for right phone clamp side.
    4. Expand 3 tripod legs fully to place tripod in standing position.
    5. Place phone in the tripod so the left and right phone clamps hold the phone. Phone too wide? Pull clamps out to reveal hidden expansion clamp width for wider phones.
    6. Rotate and swivel phone clamp to desired angle.

    7. Confused? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Have a look below at a moving picture that should be worth millions then:

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Susan Reed
    Love the phone tripod!

    Earlier today I left a review on the power bank fan purchased 2 months ago. It was a major fail holding a charge for one-fourth of the advertised time of app.8 hours.

    In fairness I need to give a very positive review of the tripod phone holder which I purchased at the same time. This is definitely a winner! The legs are study and don’t collapse quickly nor do they slowly sink down (as my other tripod would do). They hold my iPhone perfectly still allowing me to demo on Zoom meetings. Thank you for producing a quality product.

    Jo Johnston
    This is great!

    Bought 2 of these gems. Giving one out as a BD gift n going to keep one for myself. It’s very sturdy n folds down quite nicely into a small cylinder tube.. I bought this to FaceTime the grandkids from my phone. I normally prop my phone on something n it slips n falls down now I don’t have this issue. I’m pleased as punch! I would definitely recommend!

    Cinder Block Queen
    Just what I needed


    Perfect for Zoom!

    This handy little thing is perfect for Zoom meetings! I also like it for watching Netflix while in the kitchen baking. I've tried other phone tripods before and they all seemed flimsy and wouldn't hold my phone well but this one is sturdy and folds up small enough to fit in my pocket.