Handy Standy with hair tie and earbuds
Handy Standy Phone Stand in use
Handy Standy Phone Stand use of stencils
Handy Standy Phone Stand Multi Tool : Light Pink
Using Handy Standy as a phone stand: Steps 1, 2 and 3
Handy Standy shown with phone in place


Handy Standy Phone Stand Multi Tool : Light Pink

A phone's credit-card-sized best friend. With benefits.

  • A patented phone stand that’s the size of a credit card, can live in your wallet or pocket, with extra bennies including a handy ruler, bullet journal stencils (who doesn’t want to craft the perfectly scalloped edge?) plus parking spots for your earbuds & emergency hair ties? Fancy.
  • Stand is adjustable for both landscape (YouTube watching) & portrait (Facetime® calling) phone orientations. Use landscape for plus-sized phones; Choose either orientation for all others.
  • Material: PP Plastic.

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