Card Carrier : I'm in the Vaccine Club
Card Carrier : I'm in the Vaccine Club
Card Carrier : I'm in the Vaccine Club


Card Carrier : I'm in the Vaccine Club

A resealable zipper pouch for card-carrying members of the COVID vaccine club.

  • Proud you’re part of the newly-vaccinated club? Want to keep that vaccination record clean, safe & handy for travel? Some newly-vaccinated peeps opt to laminate cards. While lamination protects, it doesn’t allow for potential booster additions & can peel up over time. Some newly-vaccinated throw their card in their bag naked, with reckless abandon, just asking for coffee catastrophes & melted chocolate bar mishaps. We see you out there.
  • Enter the Card Carrier. For those who value organization & protection. You didn’t withstand those vaccine side effects for nothing, amiright? This cute little pouch is a must-have for purse, bag, or luggage!
  • Material: EVA.
  • Note: The standard size of vaccine cards is 4" x 3", and this product was designed to accommodate this size. Some vaccine cards have been reproduced in oversized versions, however. Please measure your card to be sure it's 4" x 3" to be assured it will fit inside the Card Carrier.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This is a handy sleeve for your vaccine card. Fits easily in a wallet or pocket.

Bought for my family

We all use this. I found and bought these after I had laminated my mom's card but then we had to get her card re-done when she got her booster. So now everyone's card is in their pouch and feels protected but not laminated. I see that others said their card didn't fit- all of ours did except my mom's new one. I just trimmed it slightly to fit and that worked fine.

Elle B
Must have for travel

My card would be chewed to shreds if I didn't have this to protect it.

Berlinda Paul
Fits, but doesn't Fit!

Depending on the size of your vaccine card, not all cards will fit in this card carrier. My vaccine card was a little too big, but I didn't want to alter my card to make it fit in the carrier. I do love the thickness of the material that the carrier is made of to help keep your card dry.

Laura Dunbar
tech products

We have ordered products such as the charger for our iphones for travel , trips to the beach etc. excellent product. Great gifts for any occasion.