Get Charged Up : Rose Gold
Get Charged Up Qi Charging Valet for the car
Get Charged Up : Navy
Get Charged Up : Navy
Get Charged Up : Navy in use in car

Get Charged Up : Rose Gold

Drop, charge & go.
  • An easy, convenient place to stash your phone while you drive. And charge without thinking about it. Made of vegan leather.
  • Super simple. It doesn’t require two hands & all your fingers to situate clips perfectly around your phone while you hold your head at just the right angle. Doesn’t require a glue pad stuck on your dash that you’ll curse about when attempting to remove the residue later. Doesn’t require magnets you have to line up perfectly. You could literally close your eyes as you drop your phone into Get Charged Up’s pocket.
  • Is that a second pocket? Why yes, yes it is. Use it for keys, IDs, glasses & to stow all the whatnots you inevitably need while driving.
  • How does it work? Snap black clip onto horizontal car dash vent. Hang metal loop on valet from clip. Easily detach loop for portability. When phone sits in back pocket, it wirelessly connects with the integrated Qi charger & magically charges your Qi-enabled phone. Included cord must be plugged into left side of valet during charging. If you ever want to remove black clip from vent, press forward & twist gently.
  • Materials: PU + Paperboard + Wireless Charging Chip.

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