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Hold the Phone! Rose Gold Vent Magnet

Product Description


Listen to mom, and don't dig around for your phone while driving. Nothing good is gonna come of that.


Instead, attach Hold the Phone! to your air vent, and keep your phone from going anywhere you don’t want it to. Here’s how: Drop the included metal plate inside your phone case or place it on your phone. Then instantly slide the vent clip into your dash vent—the thinner gaps in the clip are for smaller vents, and the wider gaps are for thicker vents. When you move your device near the installed vent clip—voila! It locks securely in place, thanks to the hidden high-powered magnets. Later, when it’s time to travel by foot, the clip doubles as a phone stand. Grab Hold the Phone! from your dash, drop it in your bag, and use it to cleverly prop your phone for impromptu YouTube video marathons over lunch. You’re smart. You’re fashionable. And you make mom happy.


  • Hold the Phone! attaches to your car air vent & keeps your phone from going anywhere you don’t want it to.
  • Provides easy accessibility to any phone.
  • Slides into any air vent—vertically or horizontally.
  • Provides perfect phone position for hands-free conversation.
  • Instantly mounts & releases.
  • Powerful magnets will not damage your device.
  • Holds naked devices or those inside a phone case—pair it with a Tech Candy iPhone case to match your style.
  • Doubles as a phone stand on the go.
  • Easy care: Simply wipe with a damp cloth.
Package contains:
    • Magnetic Vent Clip— Slide into your dash vent
    • Drop-in Rectangular Metal Plate (a, see last image above)— Slip inside your phone case, no adhesive required (but included if you want it)
    • Adhesive Round Metal Plate (b, see last image above)— Place on your naked phone with included sticker

    Pre-order: Place your order now. It will ship to you November 13.