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Shield Maiden Road Trip Glass Screen Protector (iPhone 6/6S)

Product Description

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This is not your grandma's plastic screen protector, folks.

Gone are the days of hazy, sticky, plastic-y screen protectors. They required an Apple Genius to install properly, they interfered with the use of your iPhone screen, they peeled up, they showed a ton of annoying bubbles. No more. Enter the Tech Candy Shield Maiden, made of tempered glass. Tempered glass to shield your iPhone glass, yep, that’s right.

  • A single sheet of fortified tempered glass delivers unprecedented screen protection. While we don’t recommend trying this at home, we actually tested this baby with a hammer that shattered the protector but left our darling iPhone shimmering like new. Because Shield Maidens are there for battle, defending what’s important at all cost.
  • This is the ultimate in clarity–you’ll never even know it’s there. The Shield Maiden is just .52mm thin, so it offers maximum touchscreen sensitivity to boot. Plus, we’ve even added an oleophobic coating to keep dreaded fingerprints far, far away.
  • This Shield Maiden style is adorned with the Tech Candy Road Trip pattern in Space Gray–adding cool pattern to the surface of your phone. Looks great with a Tech Candy Case or without!
  • Includes a mini cleaning cloth to prep your phone's surface before application. Also includes an optional Tech Candy circle to protect your phone's home button. Tech Candy case not included.
  • Easy to clean: Simply wipe with our CleanMark or It’s Time to Shine cloths. Or your sleeve. We won’t tell. Better yet, really get it clean with our Clean It Like You Mean It UV sanitizer wand.
  • Tech Specs: Made of fortified tempered glass, 0.52mm thick, blocks 30% of disruptive blue light, 9H hardness scale, contains an oleophobic coating.