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The gals at Tech Candy have been looking for a way to give back that's bigger than simply making Apple gadgets appear even cooler. And we're excited to share our plan with you. 

We are officially announcing the launch of a product available exclusively on our site. The product is a single pink (ahem! "Blush") Inner Wrap that can be used with any of the iPhone 4 Case Sets. Lots of folks ask for pink, and now lots of folks can get pink. 

Better yet, Tech Candy is supporting a great cause—Circle of Health International—with each and every Single Blush Inner Wrap purchase. Circle of Health International (COHI) provides quality reproductive, maternal, and newborn care to women in times of crisis and disaster. Ensuring safe births during unsafe times, COHI works in areas of need and has worked in Haiti, Louisiana, Tibet, and Sudan–among others.

We support COHI's important work, and now our retail customers can too. With every 25 wraps we ship from orders placed on our site, COHI can pay to transport two women to a nearby hospital for emergency obstetric care. With every 50 wraps we ship, COHI can train a midwife to save newborns. It's important work, and we're so glad Tech Candy customers can help to make it happen. We hope many people will use their phone to share some charitable love, and give their iPhone a whole new purpose.

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