The Three Way Charging Valet simultaneously charges 3 things at once! Just lay your phone, AirPods & watch on the pads.
The Three Way Charging Valet  is perfect for desk, bedside table & office to power up everything at once.

The Three Way Charging Valet


  • So many things to power! Charge them wirelessly with The Three Way™ Charging Valet. You can even charge them all at once. This tiny Qi & MagSafe charging strip is made for your wireless charging-equipped phone, earbuds & watch. Just place your devices on each pad for the magic to begin.
  • What works? A ton. Wireless charging is for all iPhones version 8 or later & also countless Android phones. Any phone that charges wirelessly! MagSafe function works with iPhones 12 or later. Works with AirPods & all other earbuds with wireless charging compatibility. Smart watches with the Qi wireless charging standard, including every Apple Watch, are all supported.
  • It collapses to a functional pyramid stand or even smaller into a tiny little square. Perfect for bedside, office & travel.
  • Specs: Interface: USB-C, Input: 9V/2A 12V/2A, Phone output: 5W/7.5W/10W/15W, Watch output: 2.5W, Earbuds output: 3W.

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 6 reviews Write a review

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 7 reviews
              Quality Charger

              Easy, compact, and looks good

              Michelle Moore
              Quit working

              I just purchased this device from a local retail store and it is no longer charging and unfortunately I lost the receipt.

              Diana Hicks
              Cycles with multiple devices

              I bought this device for travel to charge my iPhone and Apple Watch overnight without separate charging cables and ports. Unfortunately, this charger would cycle between the two devices instead of charging both simultaneously. It was noticeable because my watch makes a sound every time the watch started charging again and both screens light up. If I just put the iPhone on it without the watch, the charging is constant
              (no power on and off). Same with the watch without the phone. I did not even try adding my AirPods too. The charger seems like a great idea if all devices could receive an uninterrupted charge at the same time which I could not accomplish. :(

              Stopped Charging

              Was a great product until it stopped working less than 6 months after I purchased. With only a 90 day warranty will not be buying again. Too bad.
              It was super convenient, but for $49 too much to risk breaking again.

              Cheryl Shelton
              I wish it worked well.... :(

              I am a TechCandy fan - I have many of their products and love them all - except this one. I have a Samsung phone and smart watch and this device did not work well charging either. The phone worked occasionally, but would constantly disconnect/stop charging at random intervals. The smartwatch pad does not connect at all (it is too small) with either of my Samsung Galaxy watches. I tried charging the watch on the earbud pad, but it overheated the watch.

              Unfortunately, I learned all of this on a two-week vacation days after the return period had passed. Purchase with caution and be sure to try it out within the return policy dates.