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Bad Guy Blockers on Devices
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Bad Guy Blocker : Black/Pink Lashes

Who’s checking you out through your device’s camera? Really not so sure?

  • Take control of your security with this cute, lo-tech solution to a vexing, hi-tech problem.
  • Tech Insider reports that “...people will get onto your computer & activate your camera & will look at what you’re doing. We see that quite a lot.” Seriously? Yeah, no thanks.
  • A certain Facebook founder and a certain FBI director both cover their laptop cameras. Maybe they know something about digital privacy?
  • The curtain is thin enough to be placed on laptops without impeding closure. While the main use of this product is for tablets & monitor use, it's also small enough to be used on plus-sized iPhones (iPhone 6 Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus) & other larger phones.
  • Instructions for use:
1. Clean the camera area of your device & allow to dry.
2. Remove the paper backing & press the security curtain onto your device, making sure the camera lens is clear.
3. Keep the curtain closed to protect your privacy. Easily slide it open when needed. By you.

  • Materials: Material: ABS Plastic + 3M Adhesive.
  • Device compatibility list:
    LAPTOPS: All
    TABLETS: All
    PHONES: iPhone 6/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7s Plus, iPhone 8/8s Plus, Galaxy A6, Galaxy J (all versions), *iPhone X, *iPhone Xs, *iPhone Xr, *iPhone 11, *iPhone 11 Pro, *iPhone 11 Pro Max, *Galaxy s10 (all versions), *Galaxy A50, *Galaxy A10e, *Galaxy S9/S9+, *Galaxy Note 9
*May partially obscure screen

        Customer Reviews

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 12 reviews
        Paula Lupina
        Total Blackout

        I have had the sticky end cut off a Post-It note over my camera for years. When I turned on the camera with it on you could tell something was there. I just received my Bad Guy Blocker 4-pack. I put on my laptop camera, in a "wink" , turned on the camera and total blackness. I tried the slide to uncover the lens and it worked smoothly and I could close my laptop with no problem.

        Such a little thing to do such a great job protecting my privacy.



        Now I don't have stickers falling off. I feel safer with no accidental camera exposure.



        Alice Samann
        Great for MacBook

        I bought this for my laptop and then bought more for the iPads and monitors in our family. I like that I can open and close it. I bought a white one that stands out more so it stands out more which makes me remember to use it too. It fit on my iPhone bt not my daughter's because her phone was too small. I wish there was a smaller version for smaller phones.

        Sadie Salinger

        Perfect. I don't know what the other reviewers are referring to. This worked great and stuck just fine.