Swiper Stopper : Cowgirl Up
Swiper Stopper RFID sleeves in use at a restaurant
Swiper Stopper in two styles
How to use Swiper Stopper RFID sleeves

Swiper Stopper : Cowgirl Up

Want to run (credit card) interference?

  • RFID chips are those that utilize “radio frequency identification” & among other places, are found in many of today’s credit cards. These cards allow you to simply tap your card at a store to pay with that tap, rather than inserting or swiping your card into a reader. How? The marvel of radio waves. Your card emits waves that contain info & readers pick up that info.
  • Skimming is the practice of intercepting credit card info by using a reader to steal it. Imagine standing in public & unknowingly having your digits lifted by someone standing near you while you in line at Target. Or, if knowing this possibility is always there & the chance for theft is non-zero—then don’t imagine it. Practice digit defense instead!
  • Simply store your credit cards in these durable sleeves lined with thin sheets of metal which serve as a barrier for all of this radio chatter. With any new technology, security concerns are always on the table. Thankfully peace of mind is super easy to achieve here.
  • Materials: Paperboard + Aluminum.
  • Available in 2 styles, each sold as a set of 4 sleeves.

 How to use Swiper Stopper

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