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Bad Guy Blockers on Devices
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Bad Guy Blocker : White/Silver Lashes

Who’s checking you out through your device’s camera? Really not so sure?

  • Take control of your security with this cute, lo-tech solution to a vexing, hi-tech problem.
  • Tech Insider reports that “...people will get onto your computer & activate your camera & will look at what you’re doing. We see that quite a lot.” Seriously? Yeah, no thanks.
  • A certain Facebook founder and a certain FBI director both cover their laptop cameras. Maybe they know something about digital privacy?
  • The curtain is thin enough to be placed on laptops without impeding closure. While the main use of this product is for tablets & monitor use, it's also small enough to be used on plus-sized iPhones (iPhone 6 Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus) & other larger phones.
  • Instructions for use:
1. Clean the camera area of your device & allow to dry.
2. Remove the paper backing & press the security curtain onto your device, making sure the camera lens is clear.
3. Keep the curtain closed to protect your privacy. Easily slide it open when needed. By you.

  • Materials: Material: ABS Plastic + 3M Adhesive.
  • Device compatibility list:
    LAPTOPS: All
    TABLETS: All
    PHONES: iPhone 6/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7s Plus, iPhone 8/8s Plus, Galaxy A6, Galaxy J (all versions), *iPhone X, *iPhone Xs, *iPhone Xr, *iPhone 11, *iPhone 11 Pro, *iPhone 11 Pro Max, *Galaxy s10 (all versions), *Galaxy A50, *Galaxy A10e, *Galaxy S9/S9+, *Galaxy Note 9
*May partially obscure screen

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    K C
    Great product

    These are easy to use and last at least 2-3 years on my tablet and laptop.

    Carol J
    Privacy Protecter!

    This little camera cover is perfect for my computer! Love that I know I have privacy until I want to see someone! Great item, great price!

    Lasts forever

    I’ve had mine on my laptop for probably 2-3 years now and it’s still sticking just fine, even with daily use since classes have been held on Zoom this past year. I close mine during every class break just in case and keep it closed if I’m not actively on a Zoom meeting. It gets a lot of use throughout a typical school day and still isn’t showing any signs of breakdown. Gives some extra peace of mind!

    Suzanne Ybarra
    Bad Guy Blocker

    I've had these for a few years bur never wrote a review. I love them. I have them on my iPhone and laptop. My only problem in one of my video visits with my doctor she said she could not see me. Thought it was a problem on her end. My bad I had forgotten to slide it over on my laptop. So I guess it worked!

    Cute and Functional!

    I got this for my 2018 macbook pro laptop. It fits over the camera perfectly and sticks on great! It's a lot cuter than a post it note or sticker.
    My only complaint is that it prevents my laptop from closing all the way because it does rise off the screen a little bit, however it is not really a noticeable amount and the computer still shuts excepts for a little sliver.