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Wi-Fi Couture?

Article content is calling Tech Candy Wi-Fi Couture! Our sale on starts tomorrow and we are quite honored to be a part of this high design mecca. Now - you'll have to request a membership to be a part of the sale.  

 If you are already a member, try this link:  

...and, if not, go to and request a free membership. You can't miss this, dahling!

"In a world of basic black and bulky black, I heard a loud cry for iPhone and iPad cases that protect—with unabashed style. Somewhere out there, I truly hope the gadget fashion police are breathing a collective sigh of relief."


  • Angie posted on October 24 2011 at 10:10 AM

    Where can I get these cases for the droid bionic? Or something similar?

  • kennedy posted on January 09 2012 at 07:01 PM

    i have a question ….i have the iphone 3gs and i just want the plain pink case for my phone not the pink and purple tye-die can you send me a messege back to my email and tell me or send it to me so i can be able to order it…:)


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