Every Ten Year Old Kid I Know....

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So pretty much every 10 year old kid we know has an iPod. Which is why everyone at Tech Candy Cases is so pumped up about the newest addition to the Tech Candy offerings - Star Bright iPod Touch 4 Case Set! That's right, moms and dads and uncles and aunts and grandparents, OH MY! The Star Bright iPod Touch 4 Case Set from Tech Candy is NOW available for your little techies. The pattern and colors are cool for all you stylin' little boys and girls. And for all you grown up folks forced to carry a Blackberry at work, we know you have an iPod Touch in your pocket that needs some superstar treatment as well.  

We'd love to hear feedback and see some pics of the new Star Bright in action. ROCK ON!

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  • You should make a case for the new iPod

    Juliet on

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