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Tech Taffy Dust-Devouring Compound : Pink Ombre

Meet your fairy goomother.
  • Tech Taffy is a miracle cleaning compound for keyboards, electronics, car vents & crevices. It busts dust & battles bacteria. It’s totally reusable & is really fun (not to mention oddly pretty in a swirl of pink, yellow & orange ombre colors) to use.
  • Just pinch off a chunk of this magical goo & press it repeatedly into your available dirty crack. (No, not that crack.) Press & lift, press & lift. You’ll see Tech Taffy eat up the crumbs & dust before your eyes. Dispose of chunk & tighten lid after use. When a full layer of Tech Taffy is used, dispose of the clear wafer & move on to the next layer.
  • Store in cool, dry place. Wash hands after use. Keep away from children. (And that crack.) Do not eat.
  • Ingredients: Boric Acid (disinfectant), Quaternium (preservative), Bactericide (anti-bacterial), Methyl Benzoic Acid (intermediate), Fragrance.  
  • Product weight & dimensions: 7 oz, 2.5 x 2.75 x 2.75"

    -order: Place your order now. It will ship to you November 13.

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

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    Amy Reynek
    Great stuff

    We use this not only for computers but we use it to detail our cars too. We love it.

    Sarah Patton

    Bought it at Container Store. Never even got to use it. Opened the jar and it was moldy

    Hey Sarah, I am so sorry to hear that occured! We'd love to send you new jar. Please eamil us at with your address!


    Tried to use it to clean my keyboard. Had to remove every single key just to get it out. By the end of that the keyboard still wasn't clean. Save yourself the headache and use air duster.


    Purchased this product from the container store a couple months ago. Was properly stored in a cool, dry, place away from sunlight (as the instructions read). Opened the product to find various molds growing inside. At 13.99 a jar, with additives to prevent bacteria growth, you think this would not happen. Would not purchase again, or recommend.

    Nancy McBride
    gross mold

    I used it maybe 2 times over 3 months and today I opened the jar and it was black with mold.