It's a fan. It's a phone charger. It's handy in your bag, car, or while traveling.
Easy Breezy Portable Fan & Power Bank : Natural
The Easy Breezy is a powerful mobile fan & also charges your phone with its internal battery.
Easy Breezy shown with The Three Way products, also from Tech Candy
Easy Breezy Portable Fan & Power Bank : Pink

Easy Breezy Portable Fan & Power Bank : Natural


  • Powerful, two-speed Easy Breezy™ fan makes hot days a breeze. Hidden battery in the fan base provides emergency power for your devices. Just plug in to charge up when you need it most.
  • Small to carry, quick to stow, this is a must-have addition to every purse, backpack & auto. Charge it up, throw it in your bag & forget about it until you need it next.
  • Fan offers continuous cooling for up to 8 hours. Soft-touch silicone blades are ouchless.
  • Count on the emergency battery for when you can’t get to the next outlet. The battery holds enough power, for example, to charge an iPhone 14 Pro from 38% to 100%.
  • Specs: Capacity 2000mAh, Input 5V-1A, Output 5V-1.2A, Power 1.5W.
  • Includes a micro USB to USB cord to charge the Easy Breezy Power Bank for use.
  • Available in Natural or Pink.

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 4 reviews Write a review

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 4 reviews
              Susan Reed
              Poor battery: long to charge, short use

              Needed something to circulate air by my corner work station. On July 20 I purchased this pink fan as a backup to another company’s rechargeable fan/flashlight (that fan charged quickly, lasted about 12-13 hours on one charge, but fan itself stopped working). I pulled out my Tech Candy fan backup.

              So very disappointed in this product. To make sure I was giving accurate information, I’ve held off a week to write this review so I could verify my observations: This fan has been taking
              3 - 3.25 hours to fully charge. Once fully charged, this fan on low speed holds its charge for only 2 - 2.25 hours before the fan stops working. I did not buy this product to have to spend more time charging it than using it.

              Baseball Mom Requirement

              I sometimes spend nine full hours on a Saturday at the Ballpark with my son. The Easy Breezy keeps me cool but also doubles as an extra battery for my phone. THANK YOU!

              Great for rush

              This was the best accessory for rush week!!

              Powerful and handy

              Got this for a gift and found this site so I could buy one for teacher gifts, I liked it so much. Thanks.